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The KAEFER Strategy

Driven to be different.

KAEFER is a mod­ern, multi-na­tional cor­por­a­tion with sev­eral thou­sand em­ploy­ees work­ing all around the world. We achieve our suc­cess and that of our cli­ents by con­stantly ask­ing ourselves how we can im­prove every day, how we can do things in new, more ef­fi­cient ways and how we can ful­fil our vis­ion to reduce and use resources more efficiently.

The KAEFER Vision

As global pressure on natural resources continues to grow, we at KAEFER believe we have an important part to play in building a sustainable, energy-efficient future through redefining the management of resources. And we are in the perfect position to do so: for more than 100 years, we have worked in industrial facilities, residential and commercial properties, on oil rigs or ships. In everything we do, we aspire to be RED – recognised, efficient and different.

That is why our vision also needs to reflect the scale of our ambition – to take a global lead on redefining the boundaries of resource management:

REDefining Energy Efficiency

Through developing innovative solutions for our customers and committing to excellence in execution to ensure no energy is wasted; our service portfolio has been designed to ensure that plants are highly efficient and can be operated sustainably – throughout the entire life cycle!

REDefining Heat Efficiency

Through applying our expertise to the efficient use of heat. This enables us to explore new possibilities, such as capturing wasteheat and reusing it wisely – in other words, ‘reduce and use’.

REDefining the efficiency of gases and more

Through committing to alternative and innovative technologies in the treatment of gases and other materials, which allows us to transform so-called waste products into energy, feeding them back into the resource cycle.

REDefining Manpower Efficiency

Through supporting our employees all over the world by ensuring they have the right tools in hand. As a family-owned company, we understand that people are our most important resource; that’s why we continuously optimise KAEFER processes in pursuit of a better working environment for our employees and better results for our customers.

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In addition, we are continuously working on our mission:

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Customer orientation

Together, we support our clients' asset integrity by delivering reliable and smarter services and solutions throughout the entire life cycle.

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Employee orientation

We want to be a caring company, where qualified employees apply their professional capabilities in a lifelong occupation.

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Profit orientation

We want to remain independent as a family-owned company and continue to grow.

KAEFER is a fam­ily-owned com­pany, run on fam­ily prin­ciples and common values across all entities, countries and regions. Trust is the found­a­tion of our busi­ness activ­it­ies. Loyal cus­tom­ers, loyal em­ploy­ees and loyal share­hold­ers are the re­ward whilst con­tinu­ity in growth and profit per­form­ance is the res­ult.