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Surface protection coatings/applications


Surface protection coatings/applications

Surface protection coatings and passive fire-protection measures are used on all steel constructions in the oil and gas industries, power generation and other industries.

Surface Protection Application

  • Surface Cleaning Techniques:
    > Abrasive Blasting
    > Ultra-high Hydro Blasting
    > Mechanical Cleaning
  • Protection Coating Application:
    > Air and Airless Spray Application
    > Bitumen and Fibreglass (Dope and Wrap Systems)
    > Thermal Spray (Aluminium Coating)
  • Specialised Surface Protection Techniques:
    > Corrosion Under Insulation
    > Temporary repairs (loss of piping wall thickness)
    > Abrasive Blast and application of paint on online equipment and piping operating up to 250°C
    > Tankage - Corrosion Management Program

KAEFER's Corrosion Training Standards:

  • NACE International
  • Supplier Training: Jotun/Sigma/Stonecor/Blastrite
  • KAEFER In-house Training Program - 5 levels